The pharmaceutical industry is a fast-growing business in the global market. While it continues to expand – and Turkish Cargo tries to increase its market share – the industry's first priority is the concerns of manufacturers and their focus on the importance of human health.

The air cargo carrier has made highly promising investments that aim to improve pharmaceutical cargo transport services. With a redefined standard operating procedure for pharmaceuticals, Turkish Cargo has built a new 3,000m² special cargo storage area that has 42 separate special-cargo rooms, which reach a high quality of standards, including temperature-controlled storage units that are designated for drug, vaccine and healthcare cargo. All of the Istanbul-based warehouse's temperature-controlled storage units are monitored for temperature and humidity levels using an online tracking system.

Envirotainer's QEP accreditation is proof of the brand's reliability in the temperature-controlled freight industry, and is the result of hard work and dedication.

Industry recognition

In August 2016, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) awarded Turkish Cargo with a Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics certificate for its Istanbul hub. The company successfully met the requirements of EU and WHO good distribution practice guides, as well as IATA's Perishable Cargo and Temperature Control Regulations, displaying excellence in air cargo transportation and cargohandling services.

Moreover, Turkish Cargo continues to prove its service quality to customers. The company recently received Envirotainer's Qualified Enviromental Suppliers (QEP) accreditation for five stations and Istanbul Atatürk Airport, which is its main hub. Turkish Cargo now has the credibility to manage Envirotainer's containers and cold chain cargo for stations in Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Mumbai and Hyderabad. With these six accredited stations, Turkish Cargo will be able to increase its current business potential and secure high operational quality for all pharmaceutical cargo.

Envirotainer's QEP accreditation is proof of the brand's reliability in the temperature-controlled freight industry, and is the result of hard work and dedication to the company's customers. Turkish Cargo is proud to receive this acknowledgement and is determined to keep performing at an industry-leading standard.

Providing a unique service to global clientele

With 30 years' experience in temperature-sensitive cargo transportation, Turkish Cargo has set itself apart from the group's competitors. Its high quality of service enables client's to benefit from proactive communication, prioritising cargo admission through multiple gates, easier and faster online booking availability, high loading and unloading priority, a temperature-controlled trucking service for offline destinations, active and passive dollies, thermal blankets, temperature and humidity tracking with smart sensors, specific cool storage and reporting, a safe and secure locking system, and automatic alert system. Turkish Cargo ensures that integrated cold supply chain solutions will be provided to its valuable pharma and perishable-cargo customers worldwide.

Its new facility at Istanbul New Airport – which will be the third airport to open in Turkey during the last quarter of 2018 – has been designed as a constant-climate cargo facility that will meet the needs and requirements of the industry.