Turkish Cargo ranks 7th among the air cargo carriers of the world, rising 5 places. Turkish Cargo has achieved significant growth in the European market compared to February 2018 data from global air cargo transport data service provider World Air Cargo Data.

According to the published data, Turkish Cargo;

  • In Romania, with a large share of half of the market
  • In 1st place among foreign air cargo brands located in Israel
  • In Austria and Eastern Europe, in the second place
  • 3rd in Finland and 4th in Poland.

Turkish Cargo; is the fastest growing and growing air cargo brand in the world with its infrastructure, new destinations added to its flight network and its fleet capacity.

Turkish Cargo as a successful air cargo brand, which achieved a steep rise in the European market by achieving sustainable growth with its investments; combining with the wide range of services and operational capabilities of Turkey’s unique geographical advantages continues to raise the success bar every day.