Maintaining its healthcare, medical equipment and vaccine shipments uninterruptedly all around the globe, Turkish Cargo carried the first batch of the Covid-19 vaccines (Sinovac), procured from China by the Ministry of Health, to Turkey. Loaded inside 17 containers equipped with dedicated cooling systems, Covid-19 vaccines are delivered to the officials of the Turkey’s Ministry of Health after having been successfully transported from Beijing to Ankara via a dedicated flight.

 Turkish Cargo shoulders an important mission for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the world’s worst crises in the last century. Contributing to the continuation of the food and medicine supply chain, Turkish Cargo, on top of its considerable flight network power, increased its capacity by 30 percent. Successful brand enhanced its cold chain shipment scale to 25 thousand tons per month thanks to the capacity to satisfy additional 150 aircraft pallets, reinforcing its capability for carrying vaccines around the world.

Holding the IATA CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) pharma certificate, Turkish Cargo, maintains the cold chain at the optimal conditions with its "TK Pharma" product which was designed for carrying pharmaceuticals such as medicine and vaccines at global standards. Maintaining its continuous dialog with the pharmaceutical manufacturers, forwarders, airports, ground handling companies and the national authorities, flag carrier is capable of satisfying a wide range of requirements of the pharmaceutical manufacturers by making use of dedicatedly cooled containers and means such as dry ice for the shipments at ultra-frozen range (-70 ° C).

Turkish Cargo, which creates a global pharmaceutical corridor between more than 400 destinations by transporting pharmaceuticals to the key and certificated destinations such as Mumbai, Brussels, Istanbul, Singapore, Dubai, Basel, London and Amsterdam, reaches more than 300 destinations, 96 of which are direct cargo destinations, and continues to offer service on 24/7 basis to its customers in its global network by making use of its fleet of 365 aircraft. 

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About Turkish Cargo:

Arranging air cargo operations to more than 300 destinations, 96 of which are the cargo destinations, in 127 countries around the world, Turkish Cargo operates with its fleet of 365 aircraft, 25 of which are freighters, at its hub in Istanbul that connects the continents with its strategic importance. Turkish Cargo, the fastest growing and developing air cargo brand of the world, aims to become one of the top 5 air cargo brands in 2023.  For more information, please visit

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