Medical electronics are a core part of health systems. Any electronic device needs a source to define the pace of system operation or a clock to keep track of time and to timestamp specific events. This is typically the role of the quartz Crystals (kHz to MHz), Oscillators (kHz) and Real-Time Clock Module proposed by Micro Crystal.


A large range of application covering monitoring, diagnostic and implantable medical devices

Medical electronics is classified according to the risk linked for instance to its role in sustaining or supporting life like heart pacemakers.

Benefiting from long-term reliability, miniature size, and best-in-class functional performance, frequency and timing devices from Micro Crystal are participating to the growth of the development of cutting edge, highest risk ranked, Class III electro medical and active implantable devices (AIMD) and electronic enabled drug delivery devices (EEDDs).

Micro Crystal’s long history in supplying medical implantable grade timing components ensures that each component is produced in accordance with the highest quality production technologies and standards.


Connecting to the digital world

Of course, Micro Crystal components are also used in non-implantable devices and they are present in large quantities in healthcare products like glucose meters/CGMs or insulin pumps.

Through the design of ultra-low power, miniature and reliable timing products, Micro Crystal enables electronic operation of fitnesstracker, smartwatch, sleeptracker, wearables and many other medical monitoring and healthcare products that have an everyday place in people’s lives.

Connecting them to the digital world, this allows telehealth services to take place. Monitoring of chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, can be shared with physicians and reduce patient deterioration into preventable cardiac or respiratory arrest.

Future is towards keeping more and more track of our health, reducing hospital visits and readmissions due to poorly managed personal health.

Micro Crystal’s products offer solutions to multiple applications passing from neuro-stimulation to smart implants