Micro Crystal’s medical portfolio consists in tuning fork and AT-cut crystals, oscillators, and real-time clock module.

Micro Crystal supplies ultra-low power miniature and reliable timing and frequency products for life-saving medical devices.

With a line covering the needs for low frequency (32-102.4 kHz) tuning fork crystals, AT-cut crystals (14-50 MHz), low frequency oscillators (32.768-100 kHz) and high performance Real-Time Clock Module, Micro Crystal provides state of the art components based on mature and reliable quartz technology for Medical Implantable and Healthcare applications.

Participating to the miniaturisation of electronic equipment, Micro Crystal’s products are used in all designs where time accuracy, component density and size are a challenge.

In the medical industry, errors often prove fatal. Therefore, electronic devices and equipment must operate at a high degree of precision. To facilitate the sound decision making of healthcare professionals, the data obtained from electronic sensors and signal processing systems must have a low margin of error over a large number of samples. This is where the high accuracy and stability of Micro Crystal’s timing and frequency components makes the difference.

Reliability is also critical. Some electronic equipment utilised in hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities (such as insulin pumps, pacemakers, and defibrillators) perform life-critical functions.

All medical monitoring or active implant applications and healthcare products like blood pressure monitoring, drug delivery or neuromodulation are heavily linked to the timing solution and therefore it has to be reliable, accurate with ideally a low-power operation and a small form factor.

This is the hallmark of Micro Crystal products and is why Micro Crystal’s products are selected by so many designers in the healthcare and medtech industry.

Based on an expertise built over more than 40 years and a proven track record of reliability, the components produced by the Switzerland-headquartered company are able to satisfy the most demanding applications.

Known as world leader manufacturer of innovative and high-quality timing and frequency quartz-based components, Micro Crystal has outstanding support service, working closely with medical device industry and able to assist companies with ongoing developmental design efforts while providing technical proficiency, commercial expertise, and a dependable supply of Quartz Crystals, Oscillators and Real-Time Clock modules.

The company understands the importance and the needs for time keeping in the medical industry and knows that monitoring means nothing without a reliable time reference. With each generation living longer than the last, there is an increasingly aging population with health conditions that need to be monitored and treated. The requirements for monitoring wearable devices are then more and more towards smaller form factor and efficient low-power designs allowing reducing battery size.