Optimum positioning for intraoral camera systems through biocompatible and highly flexible USB 3.0 cables.

For high-resolution camera systems in the medical area, the manufacturer and system cable specialist SAB Bröckskes offers high quality cables meeting the high standards in medical technology.

Imaging systems are integral part of medical, diagnostics and surgical treatments. A brilliant and crystal clear image representation is crucial for a targeted and successful therapy. Due to the demand for ever faster transmission systems and interference-free imaging devices, the designers of camera systems are facing a major challenge selecting the right cable.

They often have to deal with the following questions

  • Does the existing conductor cross section fit the required cable length and can the transmission standard be achieved?
  • Can image noise be minimised or even excluded?
  • Is the cable flexible enough to ensure the handling of a manual guided camera?

The geometric dimension of the camera body and the connection technology in the device are additional factors to be considerated in the development. Admission requirements of UL authorities demand in addition to the special wall thickness of the cable insulation, the focus on the fire properties of the material. However such material-specific parameters influence both, flexibility as well as the transmission characteristics.

New developments and production of small series production

We find an answer to all those questions and develop by our modular cable design and many years of experience the right solution. If we find ourselves reaching boundaries we cannot push despite plausible theories, we roll up our sleeves, produce a sample and perform the nessesary tests on the finished product" says Marc Gerlatzek, product manager for medical technology at SAB Bröckskes. "As those samples are produced on our serial production equipment, the suitability for field use is given."

Ready for serial production "medical-grade" USB 3.0 cable

To be equipped for the picture imaging of tomorrow a "medical-grade" USB 3.0 cable has already been developed ready for series production. Through the finely adjusted balance between high flexible design features, low weight and safe data transmission, this innovation is highly suitable for a manual positioning of the intraoral camera systems without affecting the device by unnecessary cable weight.