SAB Bröckskes is a worldwide leading manufacturer of cables and wires, cable harnessing and temperature measuring technique. Seventy years of experience in cable manufacturing as well as in temperature measuring technique have transformed a one-man business into a company with almost 500 staff members. The strength of SAB Bröckskes is not only the manufacturing of standard cables but also the construction of special items. Every year SAB manufactures more than 1,500 special cables for customers on request. We at SAB Bröckskes see ourselves as manufacturer and service provider − in the sense of real partnership and customer oriented work.

For the medical device market we developed a brand new family of biocompatible cable compounds called SABmed Line. In addition to the basic version with with high notch- and tear resistance, SABmed S compounds includes a material for ultra-flexible and smooth cables, one for cables with UL-certification as well as a ‘non-blooming" version.

SABmed S Basic

For all applications that have to be supported by smooth, flexible and increased mechanical properties, SABmed S Basic offers the best solution.

SABmed S Classic

The classic base material with high notch and tear resistance as well as excellent flexibility, frequently proved for different medical devices.

SABmed S Ultraflexible

As the name implies, the special compound feature is high flexibility, offering a maximum degree of mobility to the user.


For the first time we successfully combined a biocompatible SABmed S material with the possibility of a UL certification. We are now able to offer a complete low-voltage range of cables for medical devices (e.g. power and data cables, bus cables, connection and single core cables) with UL approval.

SABmed S Platin

‘Non-Blooming’ means that there is no release of fission products at the cable surface. This phenomenon is already reduced to a minimum for each of our SABmed S compounds. With our SABmed S Platin we are able to eliminate it completely.

SABmed T

Our SABmed T range is characterised by reduced shore-hardness, making the cable smoother and more flexible than PVC. Furthermore, this material is free of halogen and very good for sterilisation (gas and radiation) as well as for a helix cable.

All compounds mentioned above passed the examination for biocompatibility (DIN EN ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity). Furthermore, we are able to produce in small batches especially interesting for pilot series and prototyping. Do you already know our ‘medical-grade’ Buscable like USB 3.0? Or that our SABmedT material, which combines the smoothness of silicone and the mechanical skills of a thermoplastic material, can also be used for helical cable? We produce non-blooming and biocompatible silicone tubes with increased strength properties and downward tendency to slip out of fittings.

Cables for the prototype construction in medical technology

For the cable equipment of prototypes and small-batch medical device production, cable specialist SAB Bröckskes offers premium quality support.

Prototype and small-batch production of connection cables for the visible areas of medical devices are a real challenge for manufacturers. Individual requirements regarding the number of cores, outer diameter and grip must be fulfilled and cable manufacturers generally offer customised designs only for huge minimum order quantities. Moreover, ex-stock cables are rarely to be found in the specific design colour of the device. Changing a single parameter often leads to high remainders, which generally are of no use later. To this effect, SAB Bröckskes offers unique support: specialised in customised and process-oriented solutions, S Bröckskes produces customer-specific sample batches starting from a quantity of 100 m.

  • Prototype and sample-batch production on series production lines.
  • SABmed line offers a wide range of bio-compatible materials adapted to your individual needs. Corresponding certificates for the biological harmlessness acc. to EN ISO 10993-1 (cytotoxicity acc. to EN ISO 10993-5) are available upon request.
  • Outer sheath color adapted to the design of the medical device for a harmonious visual appearance.
  • Highest flexibility, noble grip and no risk of kink, the typical torsion effect of handheld connection cables.
  • Plug and play pre-assembled cables available upon request.