Kontron, a leading global provider of Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), introduces the new Clinic DPC 210 workstation for clinical processes. The system stores and archives patient data, such as medical image assessments and medical records. The Clinic DPC 210 can be safely integrated into hospital networks with its two electrically isolated Gigabit Ethernet ports. The extensive monitor ports, USB and RS232 ports make the DPC 210 ideal for use in a wide variety of clinical data management applications.

"We did not want to develop your average standard system for use in everyday medicine," says Jens Unrath, director of medical business development at Kontron. "On the contrary, our new Clinic Desktop PC system is deliberately based on a customer-oriented application scenario. The DPC 210 workstation can easily access image data from backbone servers and archive patient image data on DVD."

The comprehensive storage of patient image data plays an important role in modern clinical processes, in order to quickly access older images and the related patient data for a second review when required. Appropriate workstations must have sufficient memory and flexible high-speed interfaces. With the DPC 210 workstation, Kontron presents an appropriately flexible system, which has been precisely tailored to clinical workflows based on customer requirements.

Inside the workstation the tested Kontron KTQ67/Flex-MED motherboard is integrated, which is equipped with two isolated Ethernet ports complying with EN60601-1. It also has two DVI ports in order to control the image output on two HD monitors.

By using the latest Intel Celeron dual-core and quad-core desktop CPUs, it is possible to adapt the system to a wide range of individual performance requirements in a flexible manner. Furthermore, the system has up to 32GB of DDR3 RAM and an integrated Intel HD graphics controller. Two RS232 and six USB 2.0 ports and two Gigabit LAN (10/100/1000) ports complete the system. The clearances and creepage distances have been assessed for suitability up to 3,000m elevation.

In addition, the DPC 210 workstation has an optical DVD-R/W drive and a high-performance hard disk, and can be operated with standard systems such as Windows, Linux and Solaris 10 (certified by Oracle). Patient image data captured by MRI, CT, X-ray or ultrasound can therefore be quickly uploaded and processed with the dedicated applications. The image data is then either burnt onto
DVD on the premises or transferred to the central PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). This makes the DPC 210 especially well-suited to use in clinical diagnostic workstations, operating theatres, wards and consulting rooms.

The DPC 210 is available starting November 2014. Kontron guarantees the DPC 210 system will be available until 2019.