Kontron is a well experienced partner for medical OEMs. Offering application ready platforms and value adding services we enable our customers to create sustainable and viable medical solutions.

Kontron products are found in applications throughout the industry including imaging, patient monitoring, diagnostics, therapy, tele-health, proactive health as well as clinical IT.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Long-term availability through extended Product Lifecycle Management
  • High reliability and state of the art quality assurance
  • Tailor-made solutions optimized for individual applications
  • Reduced time-to-market with access to latest technology
  • Reduced R&D costs through comprehensive value adding hard- and software services

Longevity and lifecycle management

Kontron understands product lifecycle management as a concept that spans the entire life of the product, from the first concept to the last delivery allowing optimum longevity. It includes architecture, design, production and logistics management. Systems and boards are designed to be available for up to 7 years and longer as we understand the importance of longevity in medical designs.

Quality assurance through certifications

As an ISO certified company, Kontron understands the importance of quality assurance for our customers and our partners. In addition to ISO 9001:2008, many of Kontron’s products and custom designs have been EN 60601-1 certified alongside the industrial environmental standards.

Engineering and custom design

With 40% of Kontron employees dedicated to R&D you can choose from a broad portfolio of standard products including all major form factors, platforms and systems.

Kontron also offers custom engineered and manufactured solutions. Thanks to an excellent expertise in board and system design, you benefit from the same high quality and longevity Kontron offers in its standard-based products.

In addition you can be sure that your product will be designed to meet the challenges of the relevant standards in the medical market.

Leading in innovation

Kontron is supporting all major processor platforms while also establishing global technology standards to be able to offer optimized embedded solutions for your individual applications and reduce your time-to-market.

Value adding hardware and software services

Kontron’s extensive OEM business experience supporting long lifecycles, software services and supply chain capabilities enables you to focus on your core competences differentiating yourself from your competition.