Our VhentPeel ® White Line packaging consists of a unique combination of transparent film laminate and gas-permeable polypropylene-based material.

The product structure made of polyolefin-based material combines all the properties of nonwoven and polymer film:

Moisture resistance:
The tear and tensile strength of the plastic fabric remains completely intact even under special conditions, such as steam sterilization up to 134°C.

Air permeability:
We do not use any binding agents in the production of VhentPeel ® White Line. The many small, evenly distributed pores enable the material to be optimally permeable.

Barrier protection:
VhentPeel ® White Line consists of continuous threads that guarantee a high microbial barrier performance of the material. Despite the porous structure, the penetration of undesirable substances from the outside is effectively prevented. The sterile barrier properties of VhentPeel ® White Line are tested according to ASTM F1608 and F2638.

Tear resistance:
VhentPeel ® White Line from VP Medical Packaging is one of the nonwovens in which the product fibers are randomly placed on top of each other during the manufacturing process and then strongly compressed. This creates a remarkable tear resistance and puncture resistance of the material.

Peelability: VhentPeel ®
White Line products with a sealed seam can be opened by hand particularly easily and without leaving any fiber residue.

VhentPeel ® White Line from VP Medical Packaging can be individually printed. The addition of indicators according to customer requirements is also possible at any time.

You can find more information about VhentPeel ® White Line from VP Medical Packaging here!