Custom, ceramic casings (or housings) protect the electronics within active implantable medical devices and ensure that no compounds from the device leak into the patient’s body. At SCT Ceramics, we leverage our 50 years of experience in brazing ceramic to metal to provide high-quality, custom solutions. We work with clients whose products require atypical casing forms, such as tube and cube, or miniaturized casings.

Ceramic housings offer many advantages. The chemical makeup of advanced technical ceramics allows for RF signals to pass through the device, making it compatible with devices that transmit patient and device performance data wirelessly. Another advantage of ceramic casings is their compatibility with wireless power transfer in order to meet the demand for rechargeable batteries.

Ceramic Options

  • Alumina (AL203):
    • We use a high-purity, biocompatible proprietary formula under our brand ALUCER®
    • Alumina is a ceramic widely used in industrial and medical applications due to its desirable properties such as:
      • Hardness
      • Dielectric strength
      • Thermal stability
      • Corrosion resistance
    • Alumina is also very amenable to brazing and exceptionally stable in long-term situations
  • Zirconia (ZrO2)
    • An ideal option for applications requiring super-miniaturized devices or high degrees of impact resistance
  • Sapphire (Single crystal AL203)
    • A transparent ceramic used for applications requiring optical communication.
    • Its transparency makes it look similar to glass, thus giving it the advantages of a clear material with the strength and biocompatibility of ceramic.