CerMet is an innovative, biocompatible material made from aluminum oxide and platinum which allows for the creation of super-miniaturized, high-density feedthroughs.

CerMet is an ideal solution for AIMD manufacturers looking to either increase their channel count or miniaturize their devices. For example, brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) allow direct communication between the brain and external devices, enabling users to control technology or interact with computers using their thoughts.

BCIs require hundreds (even thousands) of channels. CerMet will help accelerate the development of these innovative devices. The innovation behind the CerMet manufacturing process lies in harnessing a method from the world of electronics in order to make biocompatible feedthroughs.

HTCC (High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic) is a multi-step process used in electronic packaging and integrated circuit manufacturing. Incorporating the CerMet paste into the multilayer structure results in a biocompatible product that also offers excellent thermal and electrical properties.