Disinfectant efficacy testing can be a daunting task as there are numerous factors to consider with a number of standardised test methods available.

However, there are currently differences between the methods generally used in the EU and the US and all existing standards have individual pitfalls and unique challenges.

It is important to note that the existing standards are not specifically for cleanroom disinfectants and so adaptations to reflect a cleanroom environment should be considered with the support of guidance documents such as (USP) 40-NF35 Chapter <1072>.

All these factors have been taken into consideration and resulted in the Validex harmonised method developed by Ecolab to support efficacy studies conducted by end users. Further supporting data is also available on the performance of Ecolab disinfectants on a range of typical surfaces and isolates relevant to the cleanroom environment.

This additional supporting information serves as an extension of end users’ own validation data, therefore minimising the cost and resources required for their efficacy studies. This harmonised ‘One Method’ can give companies a transferable platform to achieve replicable results between laboratories and countries.

For further information on how Ecolab’s Global Technical Consultants can help you reduce complexity and gain greater efficiency in your disinfectant efficacy validation processes, contact infoLS@ecolab.com or speak to your Ecolab Account Manager to find out more.