Dri-Scope Aid® Family of Products Assists in the Drying of the Internal Channels of an Endoscope.

Dri-Scope Aid® family of products now offers the next-generation cabinet drying system, The TRACKER. The system has visual drying status indicators, hang time monitoring, control of the drying process, system maintenance information, customized drying parameters for individual endoscopes, and data monitoring, with an easy-to-access touch screen on the front of the cabinet.

Elgin, IL – The Multisociety Task Force guideline on reprocessing flexible GI endoscopes and accessories (ASGE, AGA, AORN, APIC, SGNA…) and the AAMI ST91 guidelines states: Drying the internal channels simultaneously for a minimum of 10 minutes with either Instrument or HEPA filtered air is a critical step in the process of High-Level Disinfection and Sterilization of flexible endoscopes. The Dri-Scope Aid® family of products has been at the forefront of finding a solution for every facility to dry their scopes after high-level disinfection and sterilization properly. “We strive to find ways to automate the drying process and storage of endoscopes most efficiently and effectively,” said George Cronin, National Sales Manager. TRICOR Systems Inc. is excited to announce the new Dri-Scope Aid® TRACKER. The TRACKER is the next-generation cabinet drying system developed for users who want more. The TRACKER gives the user more control of the drying process, more visual drying status indicators, more information regarding system maintenance, and more data for monitoring.

“Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the most innovative and reliable solutions to achieve their goals in the infection control process of cleaning endoscopes. With The TRACKER, we are confident we are moving closer to achieving that mission,” said George Cronin, National Sales Manager. The Dri-Scope Aid® family of products connects to all major brands of endoscopes, Olympus, Pentax, Fuji, Storz, Wolf, and Intuitive’s Ion system. Each connector type can be used with the Dri-Scope Aid® Jet~Stream or the Dri-Scope Aid ® Cabinet system.

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