The lasers from the NSTL series are single-frequency lasers with digital control of the radiation power and temperature of the laser diode. The power of the laser diode is controlled through a digital feedback system using a microcontroller and a controlled current source, as well as a feedback photodiode, which receives part of the optical radiation through a splitting prism. The temperature of the laser diode is controlled via a peltier element, a temperature sensor, a controlled current source and a microcontroller. Thus, digital feedback is also used to control the temperature. The laser contains a number of optical elements for filtering and polarizing laser radiation. The laser beam from the diode passes through a collimation lens, a Bragg grating, which provides high-quality properties of single-mode and narrow line width, a polarizer, a splitting prism to ensure constant power feedback, and an optical isolator that prevents reflected laser radiation from entering the feedback system. The laser is controlled via a PC via a USB interface. Using the installed software, the desired power and temperature of the laser diode are set, as well as monitored in real time.

Available Models

NSTL-405: WL 405nm, Line Width 0.1pm, Power 20mW
NSTL-533: WL 533nm, Line Width 50pm, Power 50mW
NSTL-633: WL 633nm, Line Width 0.03pm, Power 50mW
NSTL-785: WL 785nm, Line Width 0.02pm, Power 100mW


Industry Metrology: Holography; Interferometry; Lidar; Spectroscopy; Raman Spectroscopy; Velocity Laser Measurement; Semiconductor Control

Biomedical Investigations: Opto Acoustics; Photo Acoustics; Optical Genetics; Microdessection; Maldi-TOF; Flow Cytometry; DNA Sequencing

Optical Research: Cold Atoms and Molecules; Lithography; Nano Photonics; Quantum Electronics; Single Molecule Detection; Dynamic Light Scattering; Fluorescence Microscopy