The Echos magazine and statistic firm Statista have awarded Selenium Medical the distinction of ‘2017 Growth Champion’.

Initially selected from 10,000 companies, this prize list is made up of 500 French firms that have achieved significant growth of their turnover between 2012 and 2015.

The minimum criteria to be included in the prize are:

  • generated at least €100,000 in sales in 2012
  • generated a minimum of €1,500,000 in turnover in 2015
  • be independent (don’t be a subsidiary or a branch of another company)
  • headquartered in France
  • have mainly internal growth over the period 2012-15.

Ranked at 222nd place with an average annual growth rate of 34.97% between 2012 and 2015, Selenium Medical continue to progress with a growth of 43% in 2016, from a turnover of €2,849 million in 2015 to €4,060 million in 2016. These growth rates enabled Selenium Medical to expand and triple the number of its collaborator in four years.