Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, will participate at the 14th Parental Drug Association (PDA) Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference and Exhibition in the Austria Center in Vienna on 7-8 November 2017.

Phillips-Medisize has a stand (X68/69) in the exhibition area at the PDA event. Bjørn Knud Andersen, from Medicom Innovation Partner, a subsidiary of Phillips-Medisize, will present a conference paper at 17:45 hours on Tuesday, 7 November, entitled ‘Case for Re-Usable Autoinjector’.

Andersen is the director of front-end innovation and head of technology accelerators for Medicom. In his PDA presentation, he will talk about the many indications and therapy areas that can benefit from new reusable technologies that lower overall cost of treatment, while supporting a fast to market approach. He says, "Automated drug delivery solutions are key in moving therapeutic procedures into patients’ homes. This will benefit patients, healthcare professionals and payers. Although mechanical auto-injectors have often been provided for patient self-administration, their dosage flexibility can in some instances be limited, particularly with some new therapies that require higher volumes, increased viscosity and personalized doses.

Electronic motorised devices can overcome these limitations and often provide lower cost per treatment compared to disposable auto-injectors. Such reusable injection devices are also suited for utilization with connected health services, which in turn simplifies patient procedures, optimizes patient compliance and improves treatment outcomes," Andersen concludes.

Devices for connected health solutions where devices, connected services and drugs are completely integrated are also a theme at Phillips-Medisize’s exhibition stand. Phillips-Medisize has specific injection technologies to suit a range of drug and patient needs, from automating standard delivery of 1ml and 2ml prefilled syringes, to larger volume, wearable injection and infusion systems and automated reconstitution injector devices. These technologies will be on display during the exhibition.

Phillips-Medisize’s chief technology officer Bill Welch maintains that connected health solutions should be developed around therapy specific interfaces that build compelling user experiences. Phillips-Medisize helped develop the first FDA approved, fully connected delivery system approved in the US. Similar systems are expected to be released in the next 12-24 months.

Welch adds "We continue to be very focused on partnerships built on innovation, as well as our continuum of contract services for digital interfaces to maximize the patient and caregiver experience. With the acquisition by Molex, we also vertically integrating electronics into our existing capabilities. Customer response has already been extremely positive. We will continue to focus on bringing connected health solutions to market for our customers, across a broad range of device types and annual volumes with our 360 degree solutions experience."