Phillips-Medisize Corporation announced today the completion of a 5,000ft2 expansion to its Hudson, Wisconsin, Design and Development Center (DDC). This new space will be occupied with expanded biopharmaceutical drug delivery and medical device test engineering capabilities including test method development, test method validation, product characterization, design verification testing, and root cause analysis, among others.

Since 2013 nearly 100 device development professionals were added in the Hudson design and development center. Earlier this year, the company also expanded its pilot manufacturing development class 7 and class 8 clean room space for both drug delivery and med/surgical devices.

This Hudson DDC expansion is the direct result of new wins in the biologic/pharma drug delivery, combination products, and med tech spaces. The wins include products with complex mechatronic assembly and micro manufacturing requirements, both of which support the global trend toward smaller and smarter devices. In this same timeframe, the company’s global design and development organization has also grown significantly as its services have gained greater acceptance by the customer base.

Future expansions or acquisitions are also planned for the existing Europe and China locations, driven by global customers seeking local development and manufacturing services, as the company continues to execute its strategic plan.

Matt Jennings, chairman and CEO of Phillips-Medisize Corporation, said: "The expansion of our global design and development biopharmaceutical and medical device testing capabilities is supporting our growing customer requirements. This is possible as a result of the talented subject matter experts we have added to our DDCs around the world and customer demand for our early involvement with design services."