At this year’s Drug Delivery Partnerships (DDP) conference, Bill Welch, Phillips-Medisize chief technology officer, and Kevin Deane, executive VP-front-end innovation, Medicom Innovation Partner, a Phillips-Medisize company, will present ‘Using Device Strategy to Drive R&D Productivity,’ addressing the challenges of driving biopharma R&D productivity.

Mr Welch commented, "The industry and our customers face many challenges when driving R&D productivity, such as the rising cost of bringing a drug through clinical trials and a heightened focus on delivering improved patient outcomes with each new therapy. With the correct execution of a device strategy and an integrated product development model, Phillips-Medisize helps our customers drive the productivity of their R&D efforts."

"With new drugs in development, the early definition of the drug delivery device is an often overlooked and secondary topic. However, the delivery device is a very important part of the drug’s competitive position in the marketplace and will likely impact the ability to fulfill demands from other stakeholders. An early and timely overview of the drug delivery strategy does have a significant impact on the overall business potential of the drug," remarks Mr Deane.

Mr Welch and Mr Deane, along with other Phillips-Medisize representatives, will be in attendance and available during the conference for individual meetings to further discuss specific programs or Phillips-Medisize capabilities.

The Drug Delivery Partnerships is one of the world’s largest meetings bringing together individuals identifying, evaluating, and targeting new partners. This year’s Drug Delivery Partnerships will be held at the PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on 7-9 February 2017.