Individuals and companies will find remarkable tax advantages in Obwalden. The income and wealth tax rates as well as the corporate taxes are among the lowest in Switzerland. Thanks to a lucrative tax model that includes a flat-rate tax, financial considerations also support a move to Obwalden.

Income tax and wealth tax

In the capital of Sarnen, income is taxed at a maximum of 24.3 percent. The maximum tax on dividends from significant investments in private assets does not exceed 13.3 percent. The maximum wealth rate is 1.4 per thousand. These rates include municipal, cantonal and direct federal tax (excluding church tax).

Earnings tax and capital gains tax

Many international corporations consider a relocation due to Switzerland’s low corporate taxes. In this regard, Obwalden takes a leading position. The tax burden (federal, cantonal, and municipal) on earnings amounts to 12.74 percent (before taxes) and thus represents one of the lowest tax rates on earnings for legal entities in all of Europe. As well, holding companies receive a privileged tax treat-ment. This also applies to the taxation of foreign directors.

Inheritance tax and gift tax

Because of the supplementary tax law, inheritance and gift taxes will be cancelled for the entire population of Obwalden starting January 1, 2017.

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