PIA Automation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of automation. In order to meet the increasingly high demands of its customers within the healthcare industry, its medical division has been ex-panded.

PIA Automation is a one stop solution provider that leverages the strengths and capabilities of its 10 locations. Organised within their "Strategic Business Units" i.e. competence centres for specific subject areas, the resulting synergy effects are ideally utilised and the know-how of all locations is exchanged. This division of individual sites creates the basis for PIA’s technological leadership in its respective fields while continuously and constantly being expanded.

PIA’s experienced competence center for the healthcare sector is based in Amberg, Germany. "An increasing demand from the medical industry has been key to better position PIA Amberg with an expanded Medical Division re-sulting in a powerful and visible organization. The aim here is to meet cus-tomer desires more purposefully and to handle future projects even more effectively. That’s why our medical sector will be expanded with further qualified automation staff, "says Lothar Mehren, head of the Medical Division in Amberg.

Maximum patient safety and quality demand an uncompromising readiness for the best performance. Here, PIA Automation has proven that it can deliver production processes to the highest level of security. In addition to traditional customer-specific solutions, PIA offers meditec®, an innovative system series for medical equipment. These meet all hygiene requirements and have been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for cleanroom suitability. In addition to the meditec® cleanroom modules, PIA has an additional number of products from this series. These include turnkey production facilities, test systems, laboratory automation for injection equipment and inhalers, as well as handling and auxil-iary equipment for pre-series production.

"Customers at PIA are provided with highly competent contact persons for the entire development process of a medical device. This begins with the development phase, during which PIA supports customers in order to best develop the product for the automation process thus avoiding considerable additional ex-penditures later. Our range of services extends from design, prototype con-struction, mechanical and electrical construction to programming, commissioning and production ramp-up. This includes everything from handheld devices to complex, fully automatic systems," states Lothar Mehren.

Get in touch with Mr Mehren and introduce your products to automation to-day: lothar.mehren@piagroup.com.