Carclo Diagnostic Solutions Ltd (CDS) will be publishing the first detailed test results from its development of the Micropoc-pro platform via a scientific poster at the Microfluidic Congress, London, 20-21 October, organised by Global Engage Ltd.

Micropoc-pro, one of a family of disposable quantitative diagnostic device s, is a mechanism for partner companies to transfer an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) to a point of care (PoC) environment. Micropoc-pro is being developed to take a sample of body fluid and provide an output of a quantitative test result without the need for a separate reader.

A standard ELISA can take 2-3 hours. CDS has shown positive test results in significantly shorter time periods demonstrated using a marker for Acute Kidney Injury in urine and is working to develop fully functional exemplar platforms,one of which is a test for Troponin I in whole blood.

One of the key features of the technology being developed is the simplicity of blood sampling and test control. The technology can potentially be applied to many ELISA tests requiring a quantitative result. The platform technology will eventually be available to interested parties to license and apply to their own specific assay.