UniDoc Health, a Canadian eHealth company, has collaborated with the Municipality of Aliano (Matera) in Italy to install an H3 Health Cube at the Territorial Health Center.

H3 Health Cube integrates telemedicine technologies and medical devices to provide precise diagnoses, remote specialist consultations, and ongoing health monitoring.

These features support the management of chronic conditions and rapid diagnostic testing.

Furthermore, tailored prevention plans and regular health monitoring will facilitate early detection of abnormalities and prompt intervention when necessary.

The initiative intends to improve primary healthcare services for Aliano’s citizens by providing a range of local diagnostic, monitoring, and care services.

The Health Cube centre will provide essential healthcare services locally. Leveraging advanced eHealth artificial intelligence (AI) and connected medical instruments, it seeks to minimise the necessity for travel over long distances.

Additionally, continuous health monitoring and remote consultations will be easily accessible to the community, UniDoc Health said.

Aliano mayor Luigi De Lorenzo said: “Focusing particularly on the distances to regional hospitals and the challenges our community faces, especially to better support the fundamental activities of general practitioners, I would like to present the innovative solution of the Health Cube territorial health center by Unidoc Health from Canada.”

In May this year, the Italian government designated UniDoc Health as its preferred eHealth solution for rural communities in the Basilicata region of Italy. The partnership included the acquisition of the AI-equipped H3 Health Cube.

The remote location of Aliano, with its distance from regional hospitals, poses significant challenges in accessing timely medical care.

The Health Cube center in Aliano will enhance healthcare services by organising continuous care and enabling remote monitoring by doctors.

For serious conditions, the centre will promptly direct patients to the relevant hospital departments, ensuring a more efficient care pathway.

Furthermore, the initiative aims to reduce the travel burdens related to disease prevention, monitoring, and post-hospitalisation care.

UniDoc CEO Antonio Baldassarre said: “The installation of our Health Cube is designed to improve healthcare accessibility and efficiency for the local population. We are aiming to have the Health Cube onsite and installed before the end of this year.”

Last month, the eHealth company received an inaugural purchase order from HP for 10 H3 Health Cubes.