Swedish medical imaging solutions provider SyntheticMR has received CE mark approval for version 15 of its advanced imaging solution, SyMRI Neuro.

SyMRI 15 builds on the company’s previous version, SyMRI 3D (14), and hosts advanced applications integrated into SyMRI’s post-processing suite.

The new version of the MRI solution includes images that are proven to have the same capability as conventional for diagnostic use and offer even more value from the same sequence.

SyntheticMR said that the SyMRI Neuro has been clinically validated in a large multi-centre study across several high-profile institutes in the US.

The clinical study results showed that SyMRI 3D can replace conventional 3D images, enhancing both efficiency and throughput.

The findings strengthen the diagnostic accuracy of SyMRI, providing its users with confidence to substitute conventional 3D images with SyMRI T1 and T2 images, said the Swedish company.

SyntheticMR CEO Ulrik Harrysson said: “We are thrilled to announce that Version 15 of our 3D SyMRI solution is now CE-marked.

“This next generation of SyMRI 3D delivers unparalleled resolution and accuracy in brain imaging, transforming the field of medical diagnostics.”

SyntheticMR said the SyMRI 15 introduces tools for effective patient monitoring, along with contrast-weighted images and quantitative information.

It provides clinicians with deep insights into patient health, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of pathological changes and treatment effects over time, to improve patient care.

SyntheticMR has signed an agreement with Philips Healthcare for the distribution of SyMRI 15.

Under the exclusive distribution agreement, Philips will include SyMRI 3D in its global price book and enable Philips to offer the complete package to their customers.

Earlier this year, SyntheticMR secured the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) approval for its SyMRI 3D imaging solution.

SyMRI 3D enables precise volumetric estimations of brain regions, which empowers clinicians to gain deeper insights into brain structure and function.