Medical technology company Smith+Nephew has introduced the new CORIOGRAPH Pre-Operative Planning and Modeling Services for its CORI Surgical System.

CORIOGRAPH provides a personalised solution for surgeons and patients across partial and total knee arthroplasty procedures.

CORI Surgical System is an orthopaedic robotic-assisted system that empowers surgeons to decide whether to conduct a pre-operative MRI scan. It is said to be the only such system that offers either intraoperative image-free or image-based registration.

According to Smith+Nephew, the CORI Surgical System incorporates proprietary tools and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven software across the full suite of procedure solutions.

It is a robotics platform that is flexible and scalable across joint arthroplasty indications.

The CORIOGRAPH Pre-Operative Planning and Modeling Services are based on more than 15 years of clinical experience and over 350,000 image-based surgery plans, said the company.

The services are designed to refine procedures and enhance intraoperative efficiencies, complemented by the RI.KNEE ROBOTICS 3.0 Software.

Furthermore, CORIOGRAPH features image-agnostic registration capabilities, including image-based and image-free offerings.

It also has enhanced knee capabilities, including support for pre-cut tensioning utilising the CORI Digital Tensioner for partial, total, and revision knee.

Smith+Nephew reconstruction and robotics global marketing senior vice president Mayank Shandil said: “The introduction of CORIOGRAPH Pre-Operative Planning and Modeling Services signals the next big step in personalized surgery and the evolution of our robotics ecosystem.

“This combined with the CORI Digital Tensioner will further advance efficiencies for robotic-assisted procedures.”

Smith+Nephew said that delivering solutions for differing patient types alongside planning, and execution tools is key for personalised care.

In addition, the medical technology firm added that robotic-assisted surgery can enhance precision and consistency, potentially resulting in superior patient outcomes when compared to traditional methods.

The first procedures utilising CORIOGRAPH Pre-Operative Planning and Modeling Services and RI.KNEE ROBOTICS 3.0 Software was carried out recently by Steven Haas at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.