RheoFit has unveiled RheoFit A1, a smart rolling massager to offer body massage to sports enthusiasts anytime and anywhere.

RheoFit A1 is an electric muscle fascia relaxation product that is said to offer a comprehensive, professional, convenient, easy, and efficient relaxation experience.

Using RheoFit’s proprietary Deeppower technology, RheoFit A1 copies the techniques of professional therapists of offering muscle fascia relaxation. It also integrates professional diagnostic capabilities.

It precisely targets and supports any part of the body, delivering automated deep relaxation.

The auto massage roller features a personalised recovery algorithm based on rehabilitation medicine theory.

The algorithm creates relaxation plans based on users’ exercise performance and musculoskeletal pain conditions, ensuring precise therapeutic outcomes.

RheoFit A1’s Deeppower technology enables automatic relaxation of every body part.

It delivers power comparable to joints found in bionic robots, capable of supporting users up to 130kgs and offering automated deep muscle fascia relaxation throughout the body.

The device aims to offer guidance comparable to professional rehabilitation institutions, addressing concerns regarding effective massage relaxation post-exercise or during musculoskeletal discomfort.

Developed in collaboration with medical schools and rehabilitation medicine experts, the RheoFit app curates 43 optimal massage recovery plans tailored to diverse exercise conditions and musculoskeletal pain scenarios.

It provides users with convenient solutions for various musculoskeletal issues.

The smart rolling massager was developed after more than two years of development, testing by over 2000 users, and more than 20 iterations for optimisation.

Furthermore, users have the option to request personalised plans through the RheoFit app or website. The massager, created through collective user insights, is intended to improve user needs.

Since its inception, RheoFit has introduced six generations of products.

The company has provided post-race massage relaxation services to several athletes.

In the future, RheoFit aims to serve the sports technology sector by continuously introducing various products and services. The firm plans to promote health and well-being and bring vitality to sports enthusiasts worldwide.