Researchers working with bioluminescence now have a more accessible and cost-effective tool for their studies. The newly launched MyGlo™ Reagent Reader from Promega Corporation is a portable 96-well plate reader customized for specific Promega luminescence assays. The new device offers a wide dynamic range at a fraction of the price of a multimode reader.

“The MyGlo™ Reagent Reader is significantly smaller than other instruments for reading luminescence, giving researchers a simpler, more convenient path to go from question to answer in their projects,” says Product Manager Kevin Oelstrom.

MyGlo Reagent Reader features:

  • Compact, portable size: Save lab space and analyze assays wherever convenient
  • Low price: Avoid requiring a capital expenditure authorization in most labs
  • ProNect™ Data Platform connectivity: Access data anywhere from an internet-connected device, including live results from connected instruments

The instrument is initially compatible with the Promega CellTiter-Glo assay, which is used to measure cell viability. Future software analysis applications will allow users to analyze data from a variety of luminescent assays developed by Promega.

The MyGlo™ Reagent Reader joins an existing portfolio of Promega instruments that also includes the benchtop GloMax™ Multimode Readers.