Orthotics Direct, the newest player in the US foot health industry, is excited to announce the launch of its online platform, www.orthoticsdirect.com in the United States. The ecommerce company specializes in providing affordable, custom medical-grade orthotic devices delivered straight to customers’ doorsteps.

With 80% of North Americans suffering from foot pain, Orthotics Direct is on a mission to democratize the foot care space and eliminate the price barrier associated with buying custom devices. By bypassing the traditional channels that markup devices 5-10 times their production costs, Orthotics Direct aims to make its devices accessible and affordable to all.

“In the same way that prescription medications, dental aligners and optical companies have revolutionized their respective industries, our goal with Orthotics Direct is to give people direct, fast and affordable access to high-quality custom orthotics”, said Paul Andrew Smith, President and CEO of Orthotics Direct. “With rising healthcare costs and a pressured economy, this is an affordable alternative for anyone who suffers from foot pain.”

Through its user-friendly website, Orthotics Direct offers a selection of orthotics individually tailored for specific activities such as work, sports, and daily wear. Each order includes a foam impression kit, allowing customers to create a personalized foot mold, which serves as the foundation for their custom device. Leveraging advanced industry technology, Orthotics Direct utilizes foot impression data to design and manufacture 100% custom devices to treat general foot pain and common ailments like metatarsalgia, achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. With each device priced at $249, the company hopes to provide everyday relief fast with orthotics arriving at customer’s doorsteps in one week.

Since its inception, Orthotics Direct has distributed over 1 million pairs of custom devices, underscoring its dedication to quality, affordability, and accessibility. Positioned at the forefront of the foot wellness industry, the company is poised to lead by example, prioritizing pain relief over mass profits and ensuring customer satisfaction with quick and efficient service.