Ohh-Med Medical, an interventional urology and men’s health-focused firm, has unveiled the next-generation VerticaPlus device for erectile dysfunction.

The VerticaPlus device comes with a cloud-based mobile app which provides real-time feedback and quality tracking for more accurate and effective therapy.

According to Ohh-Med, Verticaplus is a supercharged version of Vertica, the company’s flagship product. Vertica is designed for restoring the natural erectile mechanism by improving collagen quality in the penile erectile tissues.

The non-invasive Vertica device is based on a radiofrequency energy-based patented technology platform.

Ohh-Med Medical commenced sales of the device in 2022 and obtained European CE MDR certification for marketing in December of the same year. The Israel-based company entered into the UK market in September 2023.

The new VerticaPlus enhances Vertica’s benefits by integrating a cloud-based mobile app that acts as a personal coach throughout treatment.

According to the medical technology firm, this upgraded user experience offers continuous treatment feedback, guided tutorials, and personalised settings.

Ohh-Med Medical founder and CEO Daniel Lischinsky said: “VerticaPlus with the mobile app is a real gamechanger for men who need the confidence of real time feedback, or ‘personal coach’ as we call it, as this assures men that they are getting an optimised treatment.

“Vertica addresses a significant unmet need in the male sexual health market for an effective and long-lasting solution that actually treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction, rather than just the symptom, like the blue pills.”

Vertica is backed by a clinical study in which the device showed an 85% success rate, with some men noticing results in as little as four weeks, which persisted for up to six months.

Utilising radiofrequency technology, the device strengthens the natural erection mechanism, without requiring medication, thereby ensuring spontaneity in intimate relationships without any side effects.

The Vertica app features step-by-step video tutorials that guide users in using the device. It includes a built-in calendar to help users track and manage their treatment schedule.

It has a treatment quality indicator that assesses the efficacy of the treatment by monitoring the actual delivery of low-frequency radio waves.

Additionally, the app has a treatment timer indicator that generates real-time feedback and tracks treatment progress.