Nikon Instruments has launched a new imaging technology, AX R with NSPARC 2K software, to expedite speed and efficiency in the biotechnology research field.

AX R with NSPARC 2K software is designed to offer maximum resolution performance across four times the field of view. It is the latest addition to Nikon’s AX series lineup.

The enhanced functionalities of the AX R equipped with the NSPARC Super-Resolution Confocal Microscope is said to accelerate the speed and efficiency of experiments in fundamental biology, disease research, and drug development.

The Nikon Spatial Array Confocal (NSPARC) detector, integrated with the AX R Confocal Microscope system, facilitates more accurate observations with minimal noise and sharp image contrast.

It can help researchers observe tiny parts of cells and tissues for high data analysis, deeper scientific understanding, and valuable insights into the root causes of disease.

Nikon Instruments, the US microscopy arm of Nikon Healthcare, said that the updated software extends the observation range by four times at identical magnification levels compared to earlier models.

It will help capture the details of the microstructure of neurons with a larger field of view while maintaining the pixel density for a more comprehensive analysis.

The software will help gain new insights across a wide range of biological processes.

Additionally, resonant-scanned image acquisition speed at the same magnification is enhanced six-fold compared to conventional galvano scanners, Nikon claimed.

The imaging capability allows for real-time capture of dynamic biological phenomena to enhance research efficiency across a wide range of fields including cancer, neurobiology, infectious diseases, and beyond.

Nikon executive officer and healthcare business unit general manager Tatsuya Yamaguchi said: “With the introduction of this product, Nikon strives to empower the scientific community to more efficiently research and understand complex diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as to assist research and development efforts in drug discovery.

“Particularly, in diverse biotech subfields such as gene therapy and cell therapy, it will be possible to track the growth processes of cells and tissues within disease models using high throughput and resolution.”

Last month, Nikon Instruments introduced the SI-PH Phase Condenser for use with the ECLIPSE Si biological microscope.