US-based microfluidic based solutions provider NanoCellect Biomedical has launched its VERLO image-guided cell sorter system to advance single-cell visualisation, gentle flow cytometry analysis, and cell sorting.

VERLO builds upon the firm’s WOLF cell sorter platform. It integrates brightfield imaging and fluorescent detection with WOLF’s microfluidic sorting capabilities.

The new system is said to be the world’s first two-laser image-guided cell sorter. It offers label-free image channels and up to nine different fluorescent image channels.

According to NanoCellect Biomedical, the approach allows researchers to utilise both morphological insights and fluorescent illumination to sort individual cells with more definition.  

VERLO will allow scientists to assess and define cellular heterogeneity and functional diversity with depth.

In addition, the sorter system’s advanced image-guided technology empowers researchers to accurately discern and sort interacting cells. This facilitates the precise characterisation of cell subsets and validation of their functional phenotypes while preserving cell interactions.

Additionally, the real-time imaging capabilities of VERLO allow researchers to monitor and select individual cells based on their morphological features without labelling.

It will help in various downstream applications like stem cell characterisation, monoclonal antibody production, gene editing, and development of cell lines.

Furthermore, VERLO’s fluorescent imaging and morphology measurements help researchers to visualise and sort cells based on their intracellular staining patterns. This will support the study of cellular dynamics in response to stimuli or therapeutic interventions.

NanoCellect Biomedical CEO Chris Neary said: “The addition of VERLO to our portfolio of high viability cell analysis and sorting platforms will take phenotyping and cell capture to a new level, offering a vantage point into cellular biology that normalises the defining power of morphology with the molecular resolution of fluorescence.

“VERLO seamlessly integrates single-cell visualisation with trusted FACS capabilities in an easy-to-use, affordable, benchtop system.

“As the only image-guided cell sorter utilising two lasers for imaging, VERLO will accelerate advancements in multiple fields including immuno-oncology, stem cells, and cell therapies.”

NanoCellect’s portfolio enables biomedical scientists to analyse and sort cells for drug discovery, single cell-omics, cloning, antibody discovery, and basic research.