Johnson & Johnson MedTech, the medical technology division of Johnson & Johnson, has introduced Polyphonic, an open and secure digital ecosystem aimed at enhancing the surgical experience through improved connectivity.

The new platform features software applications that are agnostic to data sources, delivering critical insights where they are needed most. Future iterations will provide an open development platform and a marketplace for curated digital solutions, as per Johnson & Johnson MedTech.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech surgery group chairman Hani Abouhalka said: “What’s next in surgery is a more connected experience for patients, healthcare teams, and hospitals as we bring forward the value of surgical data.

“Building on our extensive network of surgical technologies and surgical software solutions deployed in operating rooms around the world, we are prioritising collaboration and open innovation for a more human, more adaptive, and more connected surgery experience.”

The initial release of Polyphonic, now available for select hospitals, includes Polyphonic Solutions applications focused on surgical video, telepresence, and planning. These tools are designed with an objective to boost collaboration among surgeons and surgical teams within an integrated, user-friendly system tailored for healthcare.

A key focus of the initial release is the value of video, a significant data source in surgery.

According to Johnson & Johnson MedTech, with one minute of surgical video equating to over 25 times the data of a high-resolution CT image, Polyphonic aims to assist surgeons in managing, tagging, editing, and securely sharing de-identified video. This enhances workflow efficiency and promotes collaboration throughout all stages of surgery.

Additional features include telepresence and case planning capabilities to improve collaboration, peer training, and operating room efficiency.

As part of the beta programme, Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoot, The Netherlands, is currently utilising Polyphonic during surgeries.

General availability of the open and secure digital ecosystem is targeted in 2025.

Future releases of Polyphonic will expand to the broader digital surgery ecosystem, introducing the Polyphonic Studio for creators and developers, and the Polyphonic Store for secure access to curated digital solutions.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech revealed that the Polyphonic Studio will provide a secure operating environment with data management, advanced analytics, edge computing, connectivity, and developer toolkits, facilitating the creation and scaling of surgical software solutions.

The Polyphonic Studio will also incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, leveraging firm’s partnership with NVIDIA to scale AI in surgery. The Polyphonic Store, on the other hand, will offer a secure marketplace for Johnson & Johnson MedTech and third-party innovations.