Hendon Semiconductors, a division of Legend Corporation, has been awarded up to A$605,561 ($408,626) in funding from the Government of South Australia’s Economic Recovery Fund Round 1.

The funding, offered as a grant, will support a critical project upgrading the facilities and equipment for the development and manufacturing of medical products at Hendon.

The project, with a total value of A$1.2m, will enhance Hendon Semiconductors’ capability to produce high-quality medical devices.

It will add clean room and sterilisation facilities along with wafer-to-COB processing of semiconductors, using existing equipment and integrating advanced technologies.

The project aims to advance the development of medical products in South Australia and enable the production of both miniaturised and high-frequency devices.

It specifically addresses the higher reliability requirements needed for implantable devices and will further strengthen South Australia’s position in the medical device industry.

Hendon has already made significant progress in advancing its defence programme with advanced equipment, which can reduce prototype production lead time from 12 weeks to just three days.

Hendon aims to extend its capabilities to the medical sector, advancing the prototyping and manufacturing of medical devices in Australia, and continue to contribute to the local economy.

South Australia has several medical device facilities across the state, but without the local infrastructure to commercialise the innovations, limiting their economic impact.

The project will enable Hendon to address these challenges by unlocking new capabilities that are currently unavailable in South Australia.

It provides a local solution for the development and manufacturing of medical devices, facilitates industry diversification, creates new jobs, and enhances the export potential for South Australia.