Providence Medical Technology has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for the use of Corus Navigation Access System alongside the Corus Spinal System during spinal surgery.

Corus navigation system is tailored for use with Medtronic’s StealthStation System for posterior spinal fusion procedures.

StealthStation is indicated for a range of medical conditions where stereotactic surgery is necessary.

It can be used for precise referencing of rigid anatomical structure or vertebra relative to CT or MR-based models, fluoroscopy images, or digitised anatomical landmarks.

The Corus Navigation Access System is designed to aid surgeons in the precise location, access, and preparation of facet joints for posterior fusion procedures.

It empowers surgeons to use surgical navigation with the Corus Spinal System to perform procedures.

Providence Medical, a spinal surgery solutions developer, said the integration of surgical guidance and navigation has seen a rise in adoption within spinal surgery, especially for less invasive surgical techniques.

Using the Corus navigation system for a navigated Corus fusion can offer enhanced accuracy and precision with surgical instruments and spinal implants such as the CAVUX Facet Fixation System, Lumbar (CAVUX FFS-LX).

It also delivers improved visualisation of the facet joints and other anatomical structures during procedures.

Additionally, the combination of Corus systems will lower the risk of complications associated with spinal surgery and shorter operative time.

The latest clearance bolsters Providence Medical’s range of offerings and supports the firm’s dedication to enhancing spinal surgery outcomes for patients requiring high-risk spinal fusions.

Providence Medical Technology CEO Jeff Smith said: “We are thrilled to integrate our Corus Spinal System with the leading surgical navigation platform and allow for incredible precision and safety in posterior fusion surgeries.

“This clearance signifies another leap forward in our mission to improve clinical outcomes for high-risk patients and prevent surgical failures of the spine.”

The spinal surgery solutions developer also has CAVUX Facet Fixation Systems, and ALLY Bone Screws and Facet Screws in its product portfolio.

In January, Providence Medical Technology secured FDA clearance for its CAVUX FFS-LX: Lumbar Facet Fixation System for use in lumbar spinal fusion surgery.