DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is partnering with Contraline to assess the latter’s investigational ADAM male contraceptive device in a clinical trial.

Contraline is a Virginia-based medical device focused on reproductive health.

DNA Diagnostics Center, on the other hand, is part of Eurofins laboratories’ global network. It offers DNA and personal health testing solutions.

According to Contraline, ADAM is the world’s first hydrogel designed to offer men a long-lasting, non-hormonal, and reversible contraceptive option.

ADAM involves the injection of a proprietary hydrogel into the vas deferens, providing durable, non-hormonal contraception for men.  

The device works by blocking sperm transport within the vas deferens, like a vasectomy, but with the advantage of being easier to reverse and non-permanent.

This approach is aimed to offer men an alternative to traditional methods like condoms and permanent vasectomy.

Contraline’s ADAM study, a first-in-human trial held in Australia, now focuses on monitoring the device’s long-term safety and effectiveness. It has enrolled 25 patients.

The clinical-stage medical device firm has secured approval from the Australian Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) to integrate DDC’s SpermCheck Vasectomy into the ADAM study protocol.

SpermCheck Vasectomy is said to be an accurate at-home test kit that verifies the success of vasectomy procedures by detecting sperm in semen samples.

The test is already available in the US and is under investigation in Australia. It was originally developed by ContraVac, a male reproductive health-focused firm, which was acquired by DDC in 2018.

Under the ADAM trial, patients implanted with the device will use SpermCheck Vasectomy to monitor the contraceptive’s efficacy in real-time.

Contraline co-founder and CEO Kevin Eisenfrats said: “We are excited to integrate SpermCheck Vasectomy into the trial.

“It’s a natural fit to combine an at-home diagnostic like SpermCheck Vasectomy with a male contraceptive like ADAM because it will offer patients the ability to know whether ADAM is working from the privacy of their own home.

“We are excited to be collaborating with DNA Diagnostics Center to make this happen.”