Since early February, the Compounding Solutions team has been working hard to meet the challenge of material demands related to Covid-19.

We have been successful due to establishing added safety measures, continued hard work, maintaining attention to detail, and proactively communicating with customers and suppliers to understand demand and supply chain risks.

Compounding Solutions' multidisciplinary team is helping OEMs meet the urgent demand for high-quality polymers and compounds used in critical devices for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. We supply a variety of both natural and compounded materials, such as TPUs and TPEs (SBC, SEBS, etc.), necessary for developing critical medical devices.These medical devices include consumables, ventilator components, face mask shields, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Compounding Solutions also produces functional additives such as Defend Rx, an antimicrobial masterbatch with Biocote technology, that actively combats viruses and microbes.

As the leading custom material solutions provider, Compounding Solutions has achieved two decades of experience in material innovation for the medical device industry. At Compounding Solutions, 75% of production is dedicated to the healthcare industry. Our expertise in material formulation allows us to develop compounds expeditiously with the highest quality.

Headquartered in Lewiston, Maine, with more than 90 employees, Compounding Solutions is ISO 13485 certified. Our value-adding services include low minimum order quantities, quick turnaround times on quotes and products, secure supply chains, polymer testing, and regulatory support.

CS is ready, willing, and able to assist our valued partners through this crisis; please reach out to us today.