Healthcare technology company Babson Diagnostics has adopted the advanced lab-ordering solution LKCareEvolve of ELLKAY, a healthcare connectivity solutions provider.

The integration aims to streamline the process for clinicians ordering Babson Diagnostics’ BetterWay blood testing.

The partnership will enhance clinician support, improve patient experiences, and promote essential testing adherence.

ELLKAY has partnered with laboratories to offer interfaces for ordering and results, clinical data access, and seamless electronic health record integration.

Its clinician portal, LKCareEvolve, provides an integrated ordering solution directly interfacing with electronic health record platforms.

The recent collaboration will enable clinicians to securely order Babson’s latest BetterWay blood testing service through this portal and promptly receive test results.

Babson Diagnostics clinician relations vice president Tony Jones said: “We are excited to partner with ELLKAY, which brings a wealth of expertise that perfectly complements Babson’s mission to reimagine blood testing.

“We know that many patients skip important testing due to fear, discomfort and difficult veins. With BetterWay we are now giving clinicians a medically equivalent alternative to traditional blood testing methods to offer their patients.”

BetterWay advances blood testing by using a small, pea-sized amount of blood to deliver highly accurate results.

The technology combines Babson’s automated sample-handling and analytical technologies with the BD MiniDraw Capillary Blood Collection System, developed in collaboration with BD (Beckton, Dickinson and Company).

Babson Diagnostics said BetterWay’s advancements enhance accessibility to diagnostic testing by extending services to locations like retail pharmacies.

Customised for primary care and family medicine, the BetterWay test menu includes essential tests for annual wellness exams, chronic condition management, and screenings.

Through integration with CareEvolve, the healthcare technology firm provides clinicians with a streamlined, intuitive computerised order entry system and secure access to test results, compatible with smartphones and tablets.

As part of the BetterWay launch in Texas, Babson has forged partnerships with medical practices in Austin and San Antonio.

ELLKAY president and chief strategy officer Ajay Kapare said: “When combined with Babson’s dedication to enhancing health and the patient’s full care journey, this partnership promises to have a significant impact.”