Aptar Digital Health has entered into a partnership with mental health solutions provider Iona Mind to offer mental health support to chronic disease patients.

Iona Mind provides low-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) solutions. On the other hand, Aptar Digital Health delivers digital patient support programmes (PSPs), Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), and disease management solutions.

The partnership will combine the capabilities and digital platforms of both companies to help patients manage their psychological stress and emotional well-being.

It will also provide evidence-backed and easily scalable mental health assistance to all patients through solutions rooted in the Aptar Digital Health platform.

Additionally, the collaboration intends to offer integrated solutions to pharmaceutical partners seeking to improve patient experiences.

Aptar Digital Health chief medical officer Geneviève D’Orsay said: “Supporting the mental health of patients with cancer is crucial for enhancing their overall journey.

“A growing number of evidence shows the importance of considering the emotional distress associated with the patient experience, especially in the field of cancer.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Iona Mind, and to offer accessible mental health support to more patients.”

According to Aptar Digital Health, Iona Mind’s low-intensity CBT has shown effectiveness in 30 systematic reviews and 50 controlled trials.

The platform offers low-intensity CBT programmes designed to address common mental health issues and overall well-being.

It can provide tailored digital solutions to support patients at any stage of their journey.

The mental health solutions provider uses its Iona Mind Development Program (IMDP) to customise each product for specific demographics.

Iona Mind CEO and founder Jonathan Baker said: “At Iona Mind, we are delighted to be collaborating with Aptar Digital Health.

“By combining Aptar’s proven experience with digital patient support with Iona Mind’s industry-leading expertise in low-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy and mental health, we know that together, we will be able to significantly impact many lives.”