Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada (Novartis Canada) has partnered with Clarius Mobile Health to accelerate the early detection of psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

The partnership is intended to facilitate access to ultrasound for use by rheumatologists to diagnose this chronic, autoimmune disease.

Under this cross-sector partnership, Clarius L15 HD3 scanner will be used to identify diagnostic markers sooner and improve the timeline for diagnosis of PsA patients.

Approved by Health Canada in 2022, the Clarius L15 HD3 scanner is designed to automatically generate precise and detailed ultrasound images of superficial anatomy.

The easy-to-learn and use scanners wirelessly link to artificial intelligence (AI)-driven applications on the Apple and Android smartphones of clinicians.

Clarius Mobile Health said that the partnership aims to boost access to ultrasound devices and training, support, and education journey through in-person, virtual, and asynchronous events.

Novartis Canada will gather evidence to evaluate and monitor adoption, usage and impact, and assess ways to use ultrasound in routine practice for early PsA detection.

Additionally, the initiative empowers rheumatologists to detect inflammation earlier, thereby reducing diagnosis time and enhancing patient outcomes.

Clarius Mobile Health president and CEO Ohad Arazi said: “We are honoured to collaborate with Novartis Canada on this innovative, focused approach to improving the care of patients suffering from this debilitating disease.

“This initiative is a perfect example of the benefit of improving access to medical imaging in all areas of medicine.

“We are delighted that our AI-powered specialty handheld ultrasound scanners are well suited for this purpose.”

Novartis Canada has partnered with ultrasonography specialists in the field of musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging as well as members of the Canadian Rheumatology Ultrasound Society (CRUS).

The collaboration will create and conduct training sessions for rheumatologists who are engaged in the ultrasound programme.

Novartis Canada country president Mark Vineis said: “At Novartis, we recognise the tremendous potential AI holds for our industry and the healthcare landscape at large.

“The partnership with Clarius has the potential to transform PsA detection, with the possibility of scaling to other immunology indications, across specialties and beyond Canada.”