US-based large-scale allograft provider AlloSource has commercially launched its pre-sutured fascia device AceConnex for hip labral reconstruction and augmentation.

AceConnex pre-sutured fascia device is intended for use as a component in soft tissue surgical procedures where constructs are used for reconstruction or augmentation of the labrum.

It is designed to be ready-to-use, minimising the time needed to suture intraoperatively in an already time-consuming reconstruction procedure.

The pre-sutured fascia ensures consistency, minimises variability, and stays tightly bound compared to allografts sutured in the operating room, said the allograft provider.

AlloSource president and CEO Dean Elliott said: “AceConnex Pre-Sutured Fascia demonstrates AlloSource’s commitment to providing innovative products to support surgeons, in this case specifically hip arthroscopists.

“With the positive feedback from surgeons who have used the product, we are excited to get it in the hands of more medical professionals, as we embark on this full launch.”

AceConnex is the only FDA-approved pre-sutured fascia allograft for hip labral reconstruction and augmentation, which was introduced in the US through a limited launch.

The device is offered in three trimmable lengths to support segmental (40-60mm and 60-100mm), circumferential (60-100mm and 100-140mm) and labral reconstruction procedures.

Each device can be trimmed to suit the specific needs of the surgeon and patient, and each length comes in two different diameters (5.0-5.4mm and 5.5-6.0mm).

University of Virginia orthopaedic surgeon Winston Gwathmey said: “The AceConnex pre-sutured labral reconstruction graft has been a game changer for me as it helps to simplify a complicated and time-intensive surgery.

“Eliminating the graft preparation step allows me to focus my attention and time to the rim prep and FAI correction. The graft handles well inside the joint and effectively recreates the labral anatomy.”