US-based medical device and AI company AliveCor has introduced InstantQT, its advanced electrocardiogram (ECG) device that provides accurate QT measurements, in Europe.

InstantQT allows physicians to remotely record a point-of-care ECG and evaluate patients for potential cardiac abnormalities, within one minute.

It can be used together with AliveCor’s KardiaMobile 6L device and the KardiaStation app to provide instant access to feedback, supporting timely clinical decision-making.

KardiaMobile 6L device can be easily used to take a medical-grade ECG within 30 seconds by placing fingers on the two top electrodes and the bottom electrode on the left knee or ankle.

It eliminates the trouble of undressing, skin preparation, use of gels and without any wires.

The KardiaStation professional app allows the ECG to be automatically evaluated by a unique AI algorithm and provides instant feedback about the patient’s QTc value at the point of care.

It provides physicians with information to decide the required course of action for treatment.

The app produces a meaningful and comprehensive documentation report of the data that can either be printed, emailed or directly loaded into the patients’ Electronic Health Record.

AliveCor EMEA senior director Sean Warren said: “At AliveCor we’re very proud of our legacy in delivering innovative remote cardiac solutions, and today’s launch is further evidence of our commitment to creating new products that can help overcome real-world challenges.

“The InstantQT solution has the potential to revolutionise the way certain drugs are initiated, streamlining current physician workflows whilst also prioritising patient safety.”

Several prescribed drugs are associated with QT interval prolongation, where the heart’s electrical system takes longer than normal to recharge between beats.

The QT interval prolongation can lead to irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia) and potentially sudden cardiac death if left undetected.

To prevent this, physicians send their patients for an ECG before prescribing medication that prolongs QT interval and when considering any changes to their dosage.

Traditional ECG monitoring in a hospital setting is associated with burdens to physicians, invasive for vulnerable patients and expenses to healthcare systems.

AliveCor said its InstantQT delivers medical-grade clinical feedback directly to the physician, which may have taken days or weeks.

The InstantQT solution and the KardiaStation app are currently available on iOS devices, and the entire system has been designed to comply with data privacy laws, said AliveCor.