Watlow provides medical devices and clinical diagnostic equipment OEMs with proven solutions that enable exceptional thermal control. Watlow has developed a broad product offering, including heaters, sensors and controllers – all the components in an integrated thermal system, for clinical equipment where uniform operating temperatures are required for effective performance.

Temperature continues to play an important role in the development of clinical diagnostic instrumentation. Leading equipment manufacturers rely on Watlow's thermal solutions for clinical application needs because Watlow has the experience to solve the most complex thermal challenges.

Because of Watlow's broad product offering and proven thermal solutions, we can leverage our experience, expertise and product platforms to quickly provide prototypes. Rapid prototyping enables proof of concept testing and design iterations during your design cycle, which will help you get to market faster than your competition. Many products available in a standard five days or less with a premium one day expedite.

Get started now with the Visual Designer and discover our ULTRAMIC Advanced Ceramic Heaters, FLUENT In-Line Heaters, Silicone Rubber Heaters, Polyimide Heaters, Integrated Multi-Function Controllers or latest Temperature Sensor Technologies.