velixX GmbH is a next generation development company – ‘Development 2.0’. This new generation company aims to coordinate the product development with a network of the best available product development partners. velixX offers outstanding technical consulting, system development, design review and comprehensive management of technically challenging product development projects. We excel at skilful integration of complex technologies into ergonomically designed, user-friendly products. Together with our elaborate network of experienced industry partners, we are dedicated to resolving every technical challenge on the path to your product development – helping you optimise costs and time at every stage of the project.

Our development teams have a dynamic composition of highly skilled experts, which enables us to handle development projects rapidly and with great flexibility. velixX offers a large reservoir pool of technical competencies with renowned international partners.

Depending on your project’s needs, velixX swiftly engages its partners from diverse fields including universities, academia and industry. For judging project feasibility, as well as for ensuring production we collaborate with leading manufacturers of different technologies.

These long-term partnerships with different development companies and partners form the core concept of velixX.


More than 20 years of hands-on in-vitro diagnostic product development experience form the knowledge base of velixX. We offer a vast knowledge and skill base in the development of in-vitro diagnostic and rapid test systems, user interface platforms, lab-on-chip systems and healthcare devices along with over two decades of hands-on experience in the coordination of devices, system projects and cooperation management between development and production partners.

These competencies are just a brief list of the know-how offered by velixX. As a network company we do not have everything in-house, but we help connect everything. At the core of this network there are some very experienced partners for mechanics, electronics, software, industrial design and optics.

System development

Our in-depth understanding of system development allows us to get to the core of complex technical systems and helps us to analyse and design them best. We offer to effectively organize and manage the whole development process, right from design to prototype manufacturing and product testing. By wisely integrating the expertise of our highly competent specialists, we help you to optimise project costs while saving time.

We take care of devices or modules in a system-specific context. Medical technology is one such example. It is a field with tremendous challenges. Technical devices, which are to be considered in the medical, biological and partly also chemical context, are at the same time designed to be used in the context of patients, users and doctors (medical application). Therefore this arena requires very special care and a system-based approach to the solution.

What is a ‘System’?

A system is a Greek term (meaning ‘structure, compiled, linked’) and represents an assigned unit of different elements, arranged in a defined structure and engaged in interaction. A characteristic of a system is its complex structure, which connects different levels to each other.

At velixX, we understand complex systems. Our support is not only limited to system analysis. We help you connect the different elements of fields ranging from engineering and medicine to biology, chemistry and ergonomics. We help you optimize your system in terms of its functionality, manufacturability, miniaturization and cost efficiency.

Our excellence lies in our ability to quickly comprehend and analyse complex systems in order to identify the underlying strengths and weaknesses. With us you will always have outstanding technical and organizational support for finding efficient solutions to any and every challenge in your product development path.

At velixX we offer solutions – the higher the complexity, the more we like it. Medical technology – diagnostics, analytics – that is the environment in which we are at home.