The name SWM might be relatively new to the medical industry, but the product solutions and manufacturing expertise the company offers are time-tested, proven components used in some of the world’s leading medical brands. This is because the firm united some of the top suppliers in the industry under the SWM umbrella to create a unified, global leader in the manufacturing of medical components.

History and acquisition

With a history that dates back to the Renaissance as expert paper manufacturers, SWM has diversified its product portfolio and customer base in recent years, expanding its fibre-based manufacturing capabilities to include a variety of resin-based technologies and products. This expansion was created through a series of strategic acquisitions to establish and grow the company’s advanced materials and structures (AMS) segment, with annual revenues of well over $400 million. Key acquisitions included DelStar Technologies, which was acquired in 2013; Argotec, acquired in 2015; and Conwed Plastics, which closed in early 2017.

The rebranding of Argotec, DelStar and Conwed under SWM represents the next phase of transformation and illustrates a ‘One Company’ strategy to leverage enterprise capabilities and international presence. By unifying these brands under one company, SWM positions itself to more effectively serve customers as a single-source provider of world-class films, nets, non-wovens and, of course, papers.

Leading technologies for tailor-made solutions

SWM’s line of engineered composites and breathable flexible films, based on TPU technology, are suitable for many advanced wound care applications, such as post-op dressings, IV dressings, incise drapes, NPWT drapes and hydrocolloid backings. The Stratex Engineered Composite line is most widely known for its use as pad stock in world-leading brands of finger bandages.

In addition, SWM offers self-adhering, absorbent, waterproof polyurethane foams and gels that are painlessly removed from the skin. Leveraging their custom engineering capabilities, the SWM team can vary the level of adhesion, thickness, absorption and clarity to fit specific customer specifications. The foams and gels are a preferred option for the treatment of low to highly exuding wounds and scar reduction.

Dedicated to product quality

"We are fortunate that the companies we have acquired have strong relationships with customers. These partnerships have been built over time through the innovative solutions, excellent product quality and personal service our teams have consistently delivered," says Dano Lister, executive vice-president for advanced materials and structures.

"These trusted partnerships are cornerstones of our business, and will continue to be as we expand our enterprise and evolve. While there may be some account realignment as we unify our commercial teams, overall, we expect account service to continue with minimal adjustment. Going forward, we intend to continue our strategic investment in innovation initiatives, as well as maximising our expanded global presence, to enhance the range and quality of solutions and services we bring to our customers."

The manufacturing expertise of these companies will allow SWM to develop and manufacture even more innovative solutions for its medical customers.