Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Halle (Saale), Germany, SONOTEC focuses on the worldwide distribution of ultrasonic solutions. With a strong R&D department, consisting of experienced engineers and scientists, SONOTEC is capable to react fast to customer needs and stands for top quality "Made in Germany".

The ultrasound specialist develops, produces and distributes non-invasive systems for medical technology and the laboratory sector, including air bubble detectors with micro bubble sensitivity and level sensors, flow meters with integrated bubble detection as well as sensors for the detection of even the smallest traces of blood. Unlike all other sensors on the market the complete evaluation is integrated in the sensors; another external electronic board is not required.

Non-invasive sensors for air bubble detection

The non-invasive air bubble sensors of the SONOCHECK series detect air bubbles in fluid-filled tubes quickly and reliably. The ultrasonic sensors are also used for liquid level monitoring as well as for full/empty detection. They have no problem adapting to dynamically changing acoustic conditions, therefore the sensors ensure a high degree of reading stability with respect to fluctuating ambient conditions. The clamp-on sensors have a user-specific programmable micro-controller with extendable functionalities; for example, fail-safe and serial communication.

Contactless sensors for level measurement on drip chambers

The contactless drip chamber measurement device SONOCHECK ALD can be configured for duel level and single level monitoring. The ALD01 is designed for the precise detection of one defined liquid level. The ALD02 detects the exact liquid level between a defined minimal and a maximum value. Used in many medical applications, the clamp-on sensor has unique electronics that ignores the constant drips but gives a highly accurate reading.

Clamp-on sensors for flow rate measurement

The flow rate sensors of the SONOFLOW series are designed to rapidly and reliably monitor flow rates in pipes and tubes. As a clamp-on device, the ultrasonic flow sensor SONOFLOW CO.55 has no contact to the medium being monitored, making it particularly well-suited for applications where strict hygienic standards are required.

The non-invasive ultrasonic sensor SONOFLOW CO.56 unites flow metering and air bubble detection in one device. The combi-sensor measures the flow of liquids in tubes and detects air bubbles simultaneously. The handling of the sensor is remarkably easy as the tube is simply clamped into the sensor and thus no coupling medium is required.

Optical sensor for blood leak detection

The blood leak detector BLD is a non-invasive optical sensor, developed to detect the smallest traces of blood in air or in clear fluids. The clamp-on sensor was designed for medical devices, such as dialysis machines, but is also able to detect any change that affects the light transmittance of an optically transparent medium.

Software for easy parameterisation and testing

As for all sensors described above, an advanced, but easy to operate software, is offered as an optional tool by SONOTEC. The additional software provides a unique flexibility to adapt the sensors to different customer requirements. All sensor parameters, including thresholds, output settings, sensor type, revision and serial number etc., can be read with the help of the software. In order to protect the sensor against unintended modifications, it is possible to activate a CRC check.

Sensors for custom-specific solutions

SONOTEC offers customised solutions besides numerous standard sensors for medical or industrial applications. The manufacturer is able to integrate particular features that are requested by the customer. The sensors’ design, interfaces and features such as safety routines or power supply can be customised in order to be application-specific.

We are specialised in developing and producing the right ultrasonic sensor for every application. Please contact us to discuss your project. We look forward to hearing from you.