SEKO MedTec Solutions

SEKO MedTec offers highly specialised, turnkey solutions to the medical device industry. We provide dedicated programme management for demo/trial equipment, finished goods, returns, as well as contract logistics and fulfilment services. Our engineering, quality management, warehouse, and transportation expertise are backed up by our Control Towers, highly trained staff, and specialised Clean Room services. We work with our clients to develop detailed Standard Operating Procedures and Management Reports customized to meet their needs and maximise their success.

Demo Equipment Logistics Management Programme

For medical device manufacturers, Demo equipment logistics can be a complex and expensive challenge. MedTec proficiently manages the process, reduces inefficiencies and costs, and facilitates the sales process of high-value medical devices and accessories through an optimised logistics program with dedicated control towers, regional hubs, clean rooms for service and repair, specialty crating and kitting, MedTec certified carriers, time specific White Glove deliveries, and SEKO Event Management software that facilitates communication with field technicians, sales, local drivers and on-site contacts.

Our clients’ devices arrive on-time, sanitised, fully tested and ready for demonstration. Recurrent Inventory is managed with SEKO’s IMS system, purpose built in-house to manage high-volume Demo programmes with a critical need for compliance and metrics. Furthermore, our asset management services ensure that our clients are not losing valuable equipment, and that all hardware and software are fully operational for each demo.

Finished Goods

MedTec expertly handles the final mile deliveries of our clients’ Finish Goods around the globe. We coordinate all deliveries – with field technicians when necessary – making the process seamless.

Installation Services

We support custom technical installations where strict adherence to SOPs and experienced skilled professionals are required. We also support special projects including rollouts and site closings, as well as coordinate preventative and proactive maintenance and repair services.

Return Material Authorisation – Reverse Logistics

Our comprehensive reverse logistics programme supports everything from standard returns and FDA medical returns to hazardous materials disposal, asset recovery, warranty returns, and more. Our online IT system, MySEKO, provides our clients with real-time tracking and sophisticated reporting capabilities.

Medical Device Fulfilment Solutions

Our ISO 13485 & 9001 certified and FDA registered facilities provide a very wide range of services:

  • Logistics Fulfilment Solutions: clean storage, pick and pack
  • Technical Services: inspection, decontamination, kitting, assembly, and consumer packing
  • Packaging Design and Production: finished goods, export, and reusable packaging.

Our facilities provide compliant and secure warehousing solutions and added value through inventory optimisation, reduced turn time, improved utilisation, and reduced transportation costs.


At the end of the life-cycle, MedTec will pick up, pack and transport the equipment for reuse, resale, or recycling. We offer environmentally certified equipment materials recycling with documentation to ensure compliance requirements are met.

Quality Assurance

MedTec is ISO 13485 certified – the international quality management standard for medical devices. Our Quality Management Program is integrated throughout our service structure, with product-specific warehouse, delivery and compliance services guidelines and training.

Personnel & Control Tower

We provide experienced account management, fully qualified and dedicated to performing the required functions 24 hours a day, while proactively striving to identify opportunities to improve our services and reduce costs. MedTec assigns a Program Manager and a team of Account Logistics Coordinators to partner with our key clients and act as the day-to-day primary contacts.

Inventory Control Team

MedTec provides a dedicated Inventory Control Team whose job is to ensure inventory systems and process accuracy, manage inventory allocation changes, and produce custom reporting.

White Glove Transportation Services

We specialize in final mile pickups and deliveries, expertly performing all aspects with the professionalism, service, and reporting that White glove services require. With our fleet of SEKO trucks with special equipment, as well as our dedicated network of contracted carriers – all of which meet MedTec’s stringent qualification standards and Carrier Certification Process – we have the scalability, flexibility, and expertise to effectively manage our clients’ logistics needs.

Asset and Event Management Tool

Designed specifically to accommodate rigid deadlines, little or no down time, and irregular pickup and delivery hours, this is the most dependable way to schedule people and products in order to ensure they arrive on time to reduce costs and significantly enhance client service. Our technology gives you real-time visibility into your key assets out in the field, while we manage the logistics and transportation for your equipment.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our customisable, comprehensive online portal, MySEKO, produces complete supply chain visibility in a single global platform. It provides the ability to complete bookings using the most cost-effective routes and carriers, receive instant tracking, manage inventory, collect extensive amounts of data for financial and operational KPI analysis, run customised reports, and view real-time metrics in the Management Dashboard. Result: maximum process knowledge, savings, and visibility for you.