SANYO DENKI develops and manufactures high reliable cooling systems, servo systems and power systems for various business fields: medical, information, industry, environment, home and energy. Dedicated motion systems for medical applications are available in the following technologies: stepping systems, linear actuators, DC and AC servo systems.

High performance stepping motors for the medical market

SANYO DENKI provides a large range of stepping motors to cover all kinds of applications. Some of them have been specifically designed to meet medical market demand for smaller size equipments with higher performances: our 2-phase and 5-phase 28mm square SH series that offers high torque, low vibration and low noise. These stepping motors are particularly fitted to inspection devices for medical treatment. As well as our SS series composed by very thin stepping motors (42mm square by 11.6 thin and 50mm square by 11 thin).

Stepping motors with integrated driver for the medical industry

SANYO DENKI stepping motors with integrated driver offer simple, compact and cost effective solution for various kinds of applications, particularly in medical industry where precision and low vibrations are required, as well as space saving. SANYO DENKI 5-phase stepping motor with integrated driver DPF series provides, in addition, a CANopen built-in interface which is the ideal bus for machines and installations (high fault tolerance, high flexibility, high data through output and many detailed diagnostic options).

DC servo motors for medical equipments

With an excellent cost/performance ratio SANYO DENKI DC servo motors offer very competitive solutions for various industrial applications. Available in a large rated power range with many options, they meet the specifications of the most demanding use, such in medical equipments (like vascular scanners) where their high performance, high dynamic and constant torque up to rated speed are ideal.

Highly responsive AC servo systems

SANYO DENKI highly responsive AC servo systems made up of single/multi-axis servo amplifiers feature easy setup for optimal operation and 30% smaller size compared to conventional servo motors. Ranging from 10W to 15kW, with a variety of control interfaces and options, they meet specific and demanding medical applications requirements.

Customized products for medical applications

SANYO DENKI provides a wide range of stepping motors equipped with encoder or lead screws for medical devices such as dosing systems, analysers, pipettors, pumps, incubators, syringe crimpers, mammography…

In addition, SANYO DENKI offers its experience to customize specific devices however if there is no existing one in its standard products; such as special windings, cabling, brake, gearbox…


SANYO DENKI is a Japanese company existing since 1920. Under its corporate philosophy, it is committed to develop new technologies and products on the basis of three technical concepts: technology for protecting the global environment, technology for protecting people’s health and safety, and technology for using new energy sources and saving energy.

From the wealth of knowledge and experience of developing new technologies and high quality devices, you can always rely on a SANYO DENKI device.