When it comes to the health-tech market, logistics provider Rhenus Contract Logistics firmly believes that companies’ administrative load should be as light as possible, leaving them more able to focus on the sales, marketing and, of course, product development so crucial to maintaining and growing a healthy business. With that in mind, it offers its full, flexible, customised order-to-cash fulfilment service, complete with European customer service support team.

It is expected that in the next couple of years, the European health-tech market will see double-digit growth that will bring opportunities to expand the sectory even further. To take advantage of this, health-tech companies must be able to focus on product development along with sales and marketing. A complete and professional end-to-end supply chain is critical to success. With this in mind, Rhenus offers the ideal solution: a complete order-to-cash fulfilment service.

As your logistics partner, Rhenus will handle your fulfilment challenges and support the expansion of your business into new territory. Its goal is to not only provide logistics services but also fully support you in your end-to-end supply chain.

The question that concerns it most is: what are the needs of its customers? Rhenus believes customer insight has become a critical success factor to run a profitable business; it is the basis of its philosophy. With this in mind, Rhenus offers a complete order-to-cash solution, aiming to reduce the administrative burden and related costs. This will allow you to stay focused on your core business, while it handles your supply chain, from goods receipt to final end-customer delivery. This also includes order and inventory management, full serial, lot and expiry date control.

Customised health-tech solutions

Rhenus understands that logistics has become a complex and fast-moving business environment in which quality, innovation, efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness are crucial to achieving and maintaining a high-level operation, where it is mandatory to adapt and meet customer needs to sustain a healthy, growing business. By working closely together as a team, Rhenus draws up customised, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for health-tech companies. Its experienced employees analyse and optimise logistics processes related to procurement, production and distribution.

With over 25,000 employees and global business operations at more than 460 business sites, the Rhenus Group is able to realise your growth ambitions as a stable and flexible partner. To support your business, it offers a multilingual customer service team that acts on your behalf during European business hours. The team is in direct contact with your sales representatives, distributors and/or end customers, assisting in the day-to-day operation by answering calls, taking orders, managing (back)orders and stock levels, and reporting and providing support with special requirements.

Furthermore, concentrating on financial services, Rhenus will manage the financial administration and related periodic reporting of your business in Europe. It can create invoices and credit notes on your behalf, and fully support you by checking credit limits, sending reminders and solving issues with your debtors.

Teaming with potential

Rhenus’s experience has taught it that on top of logistics services, there is a specific customer demand for value-added logistics. The company therefore distinguishes itself with a wide portfolio of services, which ranges from packing, repacking and relabelling goods to services for final customers, as well as assuming responsibility for individual assembly and rework stages. In addition, it also offers light repair services. It has a technical service team available that is trained to perform customer-specific repair activities.

It has become increasingly important to act as a flexible and involved team player, supporting your day-to-day business. Within Rhenus’s solution, the critical aim is to keep growing your business together; where you can focus on sales, marketing and product development, Rhenus steps in as a devoted and committed partner taking care of your end-to-end supply chain, constantly striving to exceed your expectations. Why would you wait to outsource your European order fulfilment? It’s time to discuss your needs.