ProByLas AG offers machines and machine modules for plastic welding with laser. Thanks to their modularity, the ready-to-use Turnkey machines can be configured specifically to the parts to be welded and the customer requirements. For special machine building all necessary modules for laser plastic welding are available separately.

Laser plastic welding: precise & concise – clean & green

Welding plastics with lasers allows precise and clean weld seams especially important for medical devices. The necessary energy to melt the plastics is only very local without any heat impact on nearby areas as e.g. heat-sensitive reagents. Compared to ultra-sonic welding no particles are generated and no vibrations created, which may damage sensitive structures or electronics nearby.

Because only little energy is required for welding and no solvents involved like with adhesives, the technique has only little environmental impact and can be considered as "green".

Support from lab trials to after sales

ProByLas AG provides not only the machines but also supports its customer along the lifecycle of a product. In the application laboratory materials and prototype parts of customers are tested to proof feasibility before investing in a machine. Also small series production is offered for example for in-depth testing or validation of a medical device.

In after sales regular maintenance and trouble-shooting help the customer to obtain best possible uptime or upgrading the machine for other or new products.

Providing all process types for laser plastic welding

With the wide portfolio of different optics ProByLas AG can apply and provide all different laser welding techniques to its customers:

  • Contour process with a spot optic, which can optionally be equipped with a pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement
  • Quasi-simultaneous process with galvo scanner and sensors on clamping unit to detect the setting path during welding
  • Simultaneous process by special optics converting the laser beam into the geometry of the weld seam as e.g. ring optics, line optics, areal optics or diffractive optics (DOE)
  • Circumferential welding with radial optics or by rotating the parts under spot optics
  • Welding by ball optics of foils, technical textiles or thin plates without clamping unit
  • Mask welding with line optics, which is passed over a shadow mask above the parts.

Turnkey S – compact and modular desktop machine

The small and compact Turnkey S is unique in its size and flexibility on the market. The configuration of the machine is selected depending on the parts to weld and the customer requirements.

It can be equipped with different laser powers and motions systems. With servo-axes for contour process an area of 100×150 mm can be covered and with an optional z-axis also different height levels reached. With a scanner optics for quasi-simultaneous welding process an area of up to 100×100 mm is possible.

The clamping unit can be set at different heights and equipped with additional sensors for process and quality control. For part handling into the clamping unit a drawer or a rotary indexing table are available.

Turnkey M – workstation for larger plastic parts

The Turnkey M is based on the same modular design framework as the Turnkey S – just with larger dimensions suited for taller parts. With servo-axes parts up to 500×400 mm can be welded in contour process. With scanner optics in quasi-simultaneous process type parts up to 350×350 mm are feasible.

Modular components for special machine building

If the parts are too large for Turnkey M or the ready-to-use machines cannot fulfill the requirements, also all necessary modules for laser plastic welding are separately available for special machine building. Under the product name "Modula" different laser unit, optics, clamping unit and motion systems are offered. The control logic and the user interface are inside the laser unit so that only the laser safe housing and the handling of the parts in and out have to be completed by the special machine builder.