Portescap is driven by a passion for innovation, technical excellence and providing world-class global service, and its collaborative design process provides standard and custom products that perfectly fit any application. Portescap’s vision is to serve performance-critical motion applications that save, improve and enhance lives.

The company’s mission is to solve problems and develop innovative motion solutions for critical end-market needs. It listens to its customers and leverages its deep technical expertise to collaborate closely with customers and prioritise personalised engineering support. The company’s team responds quickly to deliver a range of unique performance solutions that optimise systems with effectively priced technologies in order to enable its customers to achieve their goals while also maximising shareholder returns.

Portescap’s vision is to serve performance-critical motion applications that save, improve and enhance lives.

BLDC slotted technology provides many advantages for devices exposed to harsh environments. For instance, its proprietary encapsulation provides enhanced autoclavability and survivability; the improved heat dissipation enables higher continuous stall torque; a smaller air gap provides lower rotor inertia; it has improved dielectric characteristics (1,500V AC and above, available on request); skewed stator designs are available to minimise cogging; customised speed and torque profile are available (peak versus continuous torque); and thermal analysis or testing is carried out to meet customers’ temperature requirements.

The attributes of Portescap motors include censored solutions designed to withstand up to 3,000 autoclave cycles, high torque, high speed, light weight and low vibration, high efficiency, small size, ability to withstand high current draw and cannulated gearmotor option for large bone drills.

The company’s products are optimised for use in powered surgical devices so as to last in the field; they provide increased power and control for surgeons; resulting in shorter surgery cases and cleaner soft tissue cuts; have increased comfort and tactile feel; have optimised thermal performance at high speeds; an improved ergonomic design for smaller surgical hand tools; and they allow passage of pins through the motor for K-wire and pindriving applications.

Portescap’s products offer the reliability needed to withstand harsh environments; they are designed to be washable and sterilisable based on the company’s 30 years’ experience dealing with the demands of medical environments and reprocessing.

For instance, the bearing, gear and grease materials are selected to provide resilience to temperature, moisture and corrosion in order to prolong motor life; the stator and hall sensor are encapsulated to withstand autoclave, dishwasher and saline environments; the company has the in-house capability to test load, sterilisation and washer cycles; and the BLDC slotted technology improves encapsulation of windings, which provides enhanced autoclavability and survivability.

Fast and reliable

Portescap’s surgical motor solutions are custom engineered for critical performance. Its design engineers are eager to work with teams so as to find and design the perfect, reliable solution. To accelerate the product development process, the company offers prototypes optimised for specific surgical applications that are available for delivery within one week.

Portescap’s rapid prototypes are standard catalogue products optimised for specific surgical applications. They incorporates Portescap’s industry-leading design capabilities to maximise sterilisability, reliability, power, performance and efficiency. Complete, sterilisable solutions are available, including autoclavable motors, gearheads and controllers – and prototype quantities of five or less ship within one week of order placement.

Portescap is one of the leading suppliers of motors for powered surgical handtools – over 80% of all arthroscopic shavers use a Portescap motor. There’s a reason for this: arthroscopic shavers are exposed to the harshest environments in surgery, including exposure of the motor to saline. With 30 years of leadership developing solutions for the rigours of surgery, Portescap is the ideal partner to help find the optimal motor solution.

Portescap’s BLDC slotted motors exceed the high-speed and torque requirements required by powered surgical handtools proved through decades of in-field experience. Portescap motors demonstrate unparalleled reliability through years of continuous autoclave cycling, and lean production capabilities enable Portescap to support small-scale and large-scale production.